Construction Law

Construction Law

Construction projects, whether they are residential or commercial, can be fraught with problems. When a subcontractor fails to perform on time, a claim is made due to a defect in construction, or a developer fails to make a payment on time, you may need an attorney to step in and assist.

Subcontractors, Contractors, & Developers

We understand Arizona laws regarding permitting, licensing, and prompt payment obligations that impact all parties in a construction project. We can represent you whenever there are issues with Registrar of Contractor, licensing or permitting problems, or when a dispute arises between the parties to a contract.

We have also helped resolve issues of nonpayment, assisted developers when a contractor or subcontractor failed to complete a task on time, and assisted with issues pertaining to contract fulfillment.

Claims, Mediation, Arbitration, & Litigation

We understand litigation is costly and time-consuming. This is one of the reasons when a claim is filed against a developer, contractor, or a subcontractor we offer alternatives to litigation, including mediation and arbitration. We know that in some cases, alternative dispute resolution results in better outcomes for everyone involved which is especially important if the parties must continue working together.

Contract Review & Editing

Construction contracts must be reviewed by an attorney. You want to make sure your rights as a contractor or subcontractor are protected. In addition, you want to verify the contract does not contain any clauses that can cause problems with receiving full and timely payment down the road.

Whether you own property that is scheduled to be developed, or you are a contractor or subcontractor, contact Sandoval Law, PLLC for all of your construction law needs. Although our offices are in Phoenix, Arizona, we offer services in every county in Arizona.

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